Where the heart is.


9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Danny & Pippa ….. so loving reading your blog! The imagery, both in words and in photos, is beautiful, lyrical, bright, colorful, and imaginative. I love learning more about you both this way, not to mention what you’re seeing, experiencing, eating, drinking, and feeling. Thanks for sharing YOU!! Love you both … have continued fun, adventurous, novel, safe travels. Talk soon!! P.S. Dad and I will be in Reno this weekend canvassing neighborhoods for Obama’s campaign. Not likely to be on much wi-fi, but will be checking email of course!!

  2. Danny – Grams LOVED having the opportunity to see and speak with you today. We think of you and Pippa often. Your writing is truly MAGICAL, picturesque and delicious and Pippa’s photos aesthetic images of your journey. Hope this gets to you. Stay filled with awe and wonder!

  3. Dear Danny and Pippa – how wonderful and surreal it feels waking up this am in DANNY’S PETALUMA BEDROOM. Staying with your parents is such a joy and treat for me Danny. You and Pippa, and the journey you’re on constantly fill my thoughts with admiration, warmth and love as well. Thinking of you often!! Grams sends her hugs!!👍Papa

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